ICC World Cup 2019 Prize Money Breakdown

By | March 17, 2019

Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money: Well Cricket is a very big sport in this part of the world at least. Specially, in countries like India cricket is one of the richest sports played, the cash awards and prizes of the teams and players run into millions sometimes. Hence, it is only fair enough that the biggest tournament of the Cricket’s world such as cricket world cup 2019 will only have grand prize money. ICC world cup winners will take home a total amount of $3.975 million. The odi cricket world cup’s prize money break down is out. Cricket world cup 2019 runner up would be walking out with $1.75 million. The fans are looking more information about the 2019 Cricket World Cup Schedule.

ICC World Cup 2019 Prize Money Breakdown

ICC World Cup 2019 Prize Money Breakdown

With every passing world cup, International Cricket Council has been raising the prize money of the tournament. In the world cup of 2003, $4.5 million was the total prize money pool for the tournament.

However, interestingly in only one instance the prize money for the 2007 world cup was actually less than 2003. However, ICC has made up for it in the next edition so, in world cup 2011, ICC has actually doubled the total prize money pool.

In 2015 world cup, there prize money was raised by 20% in the total pool to $10 million. Now, ICC has given information that there will be another 40% raise for World Cup 2019 making the total prize money pool to a whopping $14 million.

Here is a very elaborate breakup the cricket world cup 2019 teams’ prize money, which will also include the cricket world cup winners’ prize money.

ICC WC Prize Money 2019

Inline is the table with all the details of the prize money break up:

Rounds Prize Money for Previous World Cup Prize Money for Cricket World Cup 2019
Winners $3.975 million $4.8 million
Runners-up $1.75 million $2.2 million
2 Losing Semi-Finalists $600,000 (each) $1 million (each)
8 Eliminated teams from group stages $300,000 each (quarter finalists) $500,000 (each)
Winning group match $45,000 (for every group match win) $50,000 (for every group match win)
TOTAL $10 million $14 million

The winners will get rewarded with $3.975 million (3.18 million euros), but if a team would be unbeaten that will be raised to probably more than $4m.

ICC has to say this regarding the prize money of the tournament “Should a team at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 win the tournament without losing a match, it will receive total prize money of $4,020,000, while a team that loses one match on the way to winning the tournament will receive USD $3,975,000.”

The decision regarding the prize money was taken at a two-day long ICC Board meeting  as the playing conditions were also decided up for this edition of the World Cup.

ICC has just given the news of the prize money for the cricket world cup 2019 which got another 40% raise when we compare it to the world cup 2015 and a whopping 60% compared it to world cup of 2011.A total of US$14 million will be rewarded to 10 participating teams of the world cup with the winner getting a definite amount of $5 million (USD) with an additional $50,000 for every win in the round robin stage of the tournament. Every participating team will be getting a huge part in the cricket world cup 2019. For more information check out the official ICC world cup site.

ICC World Cup 2019 Cup Image

ICC World Cups Prize Money History

Historic Prize Money Breakdown Of Previous World Cups
Winners Runnerup Semifinal (Losing Teams) Quarterfinals (Losing Teams) Total
2003 $2m $800,000 $200,000 $75,000 $4.5m
2007  $2.4m $1m $400,000 $175,000 $5m
2011  $3.2m $1.5m $500,000 $225,000 $8m
2015  $3.9m $1.75m $600,000 $300,000 $10m
2019  $5m $2.2m $1m $500,000 (8 eliminated teams in group stage) $14m

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