2019 Cricket world Cup Radio Channel – Audio Commentary

By | February 28, 2019

This is the cricket world year! Cricket world cup 2019 is going to start on May 30th 2019. If you are excited as much as the rest of the nation you would be wondering cricket world cup 2019 live on which channel.

Of course, the Cricket world cup 2019 would be on all channels of cricket world cup 2019 live telecast channel list. But there are people who still enjoy some old school radio commentary. Hence, avenues to fulfill the needs of such people are also created.

Before the advent of the televisions, radios were the primary source of sports entertainment. However, now days when people are away from the TV too, they watch the cricket matches on icc cricket world cup 2019 live streaming. Even in this scenario it is not necessarily a go to option for everyone every time, if you are driving or walking to some place or taking a public commute a radio audio commentary could be your savior.

Hence, it is made sure that apart from the ICC world cup 2019 broadcast channel and et world cup 2019 live streaming, the commentary is also broadcasted in certain radio channels which have right to broadcast the audio commentary.

Matches are lined up almost every day for the time period of the world cup. It is definitely gongto difficult to catch and every match on the ICC world cup 2019 broadcast channel or the icc cricket world cup 2019 live streaming. Hence, radio is there for your rescue offering commentary from c the ICC 2019 cricket world cup matches.

The following is the list of the radio channels in the respective territories or countries and whch language the commentary will be given for the matches of cricket world cup 2019:

Country Licensee (Radio) Language
Australia ABC English
India All India Radio (AIR) Hindi
Middle East & North Africa Radio 4 (89.1) Hindi
Middle East & North Africa Radio 4 (101.3) Malayalam
Pakistan Avenue Intl Pvt. Ltd Urdu
Sri Lanka VFM, SLBC English, Tamil & Sinhalese
South Africa SABC English & Afrikaans
United Kingdom All India Radio (AIR), Talksport English

Meta Description:

All India Radio is going to air  ICC 2019 cricket world cup match commentary from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019. Apart from the icc world cup 2019 broadcast channel you can also catch the match information through various radio channels. The icc world cup 2019 match commentary is available in many languages across different countries.

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